People say we’ve got our head in the clouds.

We proudly agree.

People say we’ve got our head in the clouds.

We proudly agree.

What's Multibrain?

We’re a fast-growing software company defining the outer edge of what’s possible with social media as a small-business accelerant.

We’re a little OCD — in a good way — stressing over inventing tools that independent business people can use to convert social media engagement into actionable business development.

In short, we turn feeds into leads.

But here’s the other thing.

We’re also a little obsessive about simplifying our software so that ANYONE can use it. We try it on our great aunts and other people who think email is pretty avant-garde. When they can use it, we release it. Not before.

Because we work on behalf of the independent business person or small business owner who knows she needs social media to succeed, but doesn’t know how to succeed with social media.

When she’s happy, we’re happy. For like a minute. And then we start on 2.0.

We’re all over the world!

What’s the vibe like working here?


Well, for starters, we’re virtual…no offices anywhere. Or maybe offices everywhere. Depends on how you look at it.

Our folks live all over the world. And they travel all over the world, too. Not on grinding business trips. Seeking adventure. And then they do their jobs wherever they find it.

So we don’t come together around the aroma of fresh croissants in the conference room. We jump on a video call around ideas, solutions, creativity and our clients’ objectives. And then we go down to the cafe a block from our Airbnb in Paris and have our own croissant.

But guess what. Even though we’re virtual, most of our 20 employees say they feel a sense of connectedness here that’s tighter than any they experienced at previous more traditional jobs. Go figure. We think we’re on to something.

Yes, the pace gets crazy just like anyplace else. And sometimes we do get snarky with each other. But we also laugh hard and often. And everybody agrees this isn’t like any other stop on their career journey so far.

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