Social Marketing Courses

Each course is a complete set of individual lessons that take you step-by-step, teaching you everything you need to know. The lessons consist of how-to videos, articles and tips. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

We don’t care if you just signed up for Facebook yesterday or you’ve been playing around with it for some time. Either way, you’ll learn all you need to know about Facebook — and things you didn’t KNOW you needed to know. Understand everything from the beginning, such as setting up your Facebook profile as a video, all the way to getting started using it for business. Get ready to start feeling confident in your Facebook social media skills.

10 Lessons

Social Selling Simplified

This 8-week webinar training series will help you not only understand Social Media for your business better, but will help you get the most out of it — and even INCREASE your sales.

Each week you will not only watch a live, interactive webinar, but you will receive worksheets with goals to complete each week. Plus, get live support, along with valuable video tutorials and tips throughout this series.

8 Lessons

Pinterest 101

This course is not yet available.


Using Facebook to Ignite Your Business

You’re basically a pro now that you’ve taken the first course. Now, let’s take it to the next level and get your business up and running! We’ll teach you the basics of Facebook for business and different methods and tips for growing it. It’s time to watch your business excel online.

14 Lessons

Twitter 101

This course is not yet available.


Socially Selling

This course is not yet available.


Consejos rápidos

Comienza a aprender cómo convertirte en un Pro de Ventas Sociales con estos videos y artículos GRATUITOS especialmente seleccionados.

Cursos premium

De la A a la Z, aprende cómo administrar tus redes sociales y, de hecho, conviértete en un profesional de ventas sociales con estos cursos completos.

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