Social Selling Simplified

This 8-week webinar training series will help you not only understand Social Media for your business better, but will help you get the most out of it — and even INCREASE your sales.

Each week you will not only watch a live, interactive webinar, but you will receive worksheets with goals to complete each week. Plus, get live support, along with valuable video tutorials and tips throughout this series.

Chapter 1: If You Want Sales, First You Need A Strategy

Without a social media strategy or a brand identity? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and created a simple, stress-free, strategy for you to ensure your social media success.

60 min.

Chapter 2: The Content People Actually Want To See And How Easy It Is To Post It

What you post may have the biggest impact on your success. Know what people want to hear from you and what you should be sharing.

60 min.

Chapter 3: Grow Your Community, Grow Your Sales With Facebook Groups

Groups are hot on Facebook, but they are also landing many people in “Facebook jail,” so we’ll show you the proper way to use Facebook Groups for your team and customers.

60 min.

Chapter 4: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Why You need To Engage With Every Kind of Fan

Whether it’s a compliment or a complaint, you can’t avoid your social media responses. Find out why and how you should respond to every one of your followers and how to engage with your community.

60 min.

Chapter 5: Double Your Impressions By Integrating Instagram With Facebook

It’s true, Instagram is on fire, but it’s also more effective when properly connected with Facebook efforts. Double the impact for the same amount of effort.

60 min.

Chapter 6: It's Time To Get Comfortable Being On Video If You Want To Convert Social To Sales

Video content is the number one converter of sales and it helps to give your brand a personal touch. People are buying YOU, not just the product.

60 min.

Chapter 7: You're Leaving Money On The Table If You're Not Using Advertising On Social Media

Social Media is now a “pay to play” business, so if you want to find new people to talk to, using Advertising can target prospects within a mile from where you live, and for as little as one dollar.

60 min.

Chapter 8: Take Everything You've Learned And Use It To Majorly Build Your Team

Great way to filter people you want to be in your group. Questionaire’s help with finding quality people for your group.

60 min.


About The Brains

We’re a fast-growing software company defining the outer edge of what’s possible with social media as a small-business accelerant.

We’re a little OCD — in a good way — stressing over inventing tools that independent business people can use to convert social media engagement into actionable business development.

In short, we turn feeds into leads.

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