The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

We don’t care if you just signed up for Facebook yesterday or you’ve been playing around with it for some time. Either way, you’ll learn all you need to know about Facebook — and things you didn’t KNOW you needed to know. Understand everything from the beginning, such as setting up your Facebook profile as a video, all the way to getting started using it for business. Get ready to start feeling confident in your Facebook social media skills.

Chapter 1: Creating a Facebook Profile

The first step in getting started with Facebook is a quality profile! Here’s how to get started and make an awesome Facebook profile.

4 min.

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Facebook Profile Intro

Your Facebook Profile Intro let’s people know what you are all about in just a few words and connects them with your business. Make sure yours is set up with all of your key information to get potential customers to stay on your page!

4 min.

Chapter 3: Add your Contacts as Friends

After creating a Facebook Profile you will want to add friends to grow your network. Here’s how to add your Contacts from your email as friends on Facebook.

10 min.

Chapter 4: Changing your Facebook Profile Photo

Update your Facebook Profile Photo to represent yourself (and ultimately your brand) in a positive way. This is part of the message you are sending to the world.

7 min.

Chapter 5: Changing your Facebook Cover Photo

Keep your page looking fresh by regularly updating your Cover Photo.


4 min.

Chapter 6: The Difference Between Your Facebook Newsfeed and Timeline

It’s vital to know what you are looking at and why you need both your Newsfeed and Timeline. Learn how each of them serves you on Facebook.

2 min.

Chapter 7: Unfriending or Removing a Friend From Facebook

There are a number of reasons why you would unfriend or remove a friend from your Facebook, for example, they deactivated their account, you no longer want to be connected with the user, etc. Here’s how to do Unfriend on Facebook.


Chapter 8: The Differences Between Your Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group

There can be confusion on whether or not you should have a Facebook Profile, Facebook Business Page, and/or a Facebook Group for your business. Let’s take a look at the differences between the three.


Chapter 9: Creating a Facebook Business Page

Once you have your personal profile, it’s time to create your Facebook Business Page. This will help you generate sales and buzz for your business. It’s the foundation to many of the amazing things you can do with Facebook!

9 min.

Chapter 10 : Create a Facebook Group

A Facebook Group is vital to any online social media business strategy. Create yours and then use it to grow your business online.

9 min.


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