The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

Chapter 10: Create a Facebook Group 9 min

A Facebook Group is vital to any online social media business strategy. Create yours and then use it to grow your business online.

Step 1 : Create Group

Begin my going to Facebook business page. Under your cover photo, click on the 3 dots icon next to “Share.” Then click “Create Group.”

2 min.

Step 2 : Enter the 'Create Group' Prompts

Here you will see a pop up that will walk you through creating your group. First, you will fill out your group name. Make sure it’s simple and clear. It may take a few minutes to come up with a great name. Then, add people that you want to invite. You will be able to add a message with this group invite. Select your desired Privacy Setting. Select an icon that best represents your group.

7 min.

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