The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Facebook Profile Intro  4 min

Your Facebook Profile Intro let’s people know what you are all about in just a few words and connects them with your business. Make sure yours is set up with all of your key information to get potential customers to stay on your page!

Step 1 : Go to Your Personal Profile Page and Click the Edit Icon

Once you are viewing your own Personal Profile, you will see the Intro box on the left hand side. Here you can hover and click on the Pencil Icon to update it with a sentence about yourself. Click on “Save.”

1 min.

Step 2 : Add Your Business Page

Click on “Add Pages you Manage” and select your business page that you would like to show.

1 min.

Step 3 : Add Additional Links

Scroll down and you will be able to click on, “Add Websites, Instagram, Other Links.” Once you have clicked on it, go to “Contact & Basic Info.” Scroll down to “Websites and Social Links.” Here you can add your estore, any other social media links and blog if you have it. Save changes. Add more links if you wish. TIP: Keep it set as “PUBLIC.”

2 min.

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