The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

Chapter 3: Add your Contacts as Friends 10 min

After creating a Facebook Profile you will want to add friends to grow your network. Here’s how to add your Contacts from your email as friends on Facebook.

Step 1 : Go onto your Facebook Personal Profile Timeline.

You can get here by clicking your name at the top right-hand corner next to “Home”.

Step 2 : Click Friends.

You will find this on the left of your screen.

Step 3 : Click "Find Friends".

This button will be found under your cover photo.

Step 4 : Add friends under "People You May Know".

If you don’t see any friends to add from there it may be because there are no connections on Facebook made at this time. Don’t feel discouraged, that list builds the more friends you have.

You are able to add people from your email contact list.

Step 5 : Choose Your Email Service and Enter Your Email.

After you enter your email, click add friends and follow the prompts to sign in.

Step 6 : Add friends from your contact list on Facebook.

Facebook will automatically load back to where you were after you sign in. Check the checkbox next to the names of people you want to add on Facebook then click Add Friends.

Step 7 : Invite friends from your contact list to Facebook.

You will be then prompted to add people of emails on your contact list to invite them to Facebook (They do not have an account or an account under that email).

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