The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

Chapter 6: The Difference Between Your Facebook Newsfeed and Timeline  2 min

It’s vital to know what you are looking it and why you need both your Newsfeed and Timeline. Learn how each of them serve you on Facebook.

Step 1 : Login to Facebook to View Your Newsfeed

Once you have logged into Facebook, you will see your Facebook News Feed. This is also known as the home page. This page consists of content from everyone (people, groups and pages) you are connected to on your Facebook Personal Profile.

1 min.

Step 2 : Click on Your Profile to View Your Timeline

Go to your Timeline by clicking on your Profile (name at the top right corner or wherever you see your Profile Photo). This is now showing your Timeline, which is your collection of photos, stories, videos, experiences that tell your story. People you are connected with are able to post on your Timeline and what you post will show up on other peoples’ News Feeds.

1 min.

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