The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

Chapter 8: The Differences Between Your Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group 10 min

There can be confusion on whether or not you should have a Facebook Profile, Facebook Business Page, and/or a Facebook Group for your business. Let’s take a look at the differences between the three. 

Facebook Personal Profile

When it comes to Facebook Personal Profiles the main word to remember is Personal. Your personal profile is your story that captures your personal life. It has information about you, from the school you went to, your age, favorite movies, where you work, etc. It’s a place where you can add status updates to express yourself, how you are feeling, thinking, doing etc. The amount of information you want to include is up to you. This is the place to represent you as an individual. We highly recommend not to run your business here or your posts can be marked as spam. This is where a Facebook Business Page comes in. 

Also don’t forget, you need a Facebook Personal Profile in order to set up a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Group. 


Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is similar to a Personal Profile, in view of this, they allow businesses, organizations, public figures etc. to have a public presence on Facebook. Facebook Pages are public and when someone likes your page they will receive updates on their Newsfeed about your business (What you Post). This is the best place to run your business on Facebook. Your Facebook Business Page will be attached to your Personal profile but it’s a separate presence where you can promote your business. 

There are several features Facebook Business Pages has to offer including analytics, advertising etc. 


Facebook Group

Facebook groups are all about bringing together people who share common interests and opinions to connect in a smaller forum. You can set up groups to keep up with your team and your customers. Groups that you create can be Public where anyone can join, they can require an approval from the admin to join, and lastly completely private where the only way someone can join the group is by invitation only. 

Groups are much better for discussions within the people forum as opposed to a Facebook Business Page. 


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