Using Facebook to Ignite Your Business

You’re basically a pro now that you’ve taken the first course. Now, let’s take it to the next level and get your business up and running! We’ll teach you the basics of Facebook for business and different methods and tips for growing it. It’s time to watch your business excel online.

Chapter 1: The Differences Between Your Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group

There can be confusion on whether or not you should have a Facebook Profile, Facebook Business Page, and/or a Facebook Group for your business. Let’s take a look at the differences between the three.

Chapter 2: Creating a Facebook Business Page

Once you have your personal profile, it’s time to create your Facebook Business Page. This will help you generate sales and buzz for your business. It’s the foundation to many of the amazing things you can do with Facebook!

9 min.

Chapter 3: Changing Facebook Business Page Photo

This is the first impression you make to potential customers so keep your page beautiful and up to date by changing your business page photo.

6 min.

Chapter 4: Changing Your Cover Photo

Keep your page looking fresh by regularly updating your Cover Photo (or video).

4 min.

Chapter 5: Unpublishing and Publishing Your Facebook Business Page

Once your page is published, anyone searching for your page will be able to see it. If you would like to change this for whatever reason, you will need to unpublish your page. We show you how easy it is! 

9 min.

Chapter 6: Updating Facebook Business Page About Section/Info

Your intro section is in a great location where your friends can see information about you. Why not add information about the business that you runs

15 min.

Chapter 7: Updating Your Facebook Username

Did you know your Business Page lets you choose a username (part of your page URL) that others can easily find you by? Here’s how to update it.

7 min.

Chapter 8: Inviting Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Business Page

Get your friends to see your posts from your Business Page on their Newsfeed by inviting them to like your page.

20 min.

Chapter 9: Cross Promoting Your Facebook Business Page

You’ve worked hard to create your Facebook business page, so you want to make sure people are paying attention to it. A great way to get new followers and attention to your page is to cross promote it on your own channels. Here’s a couple easy ways to do this.

Chapter 10: Adding a Button to Your Facebook Business Page

Adding a “Button” or a “Call to Action” to your Facebook Business page is a great way to direct your viewers to a specific page location of your choosing to take action. It can be contacting your business, shop now, etc. 

6 min.

Chapter 11: Adding an Admin for Your Facebook Business Page

It’s great to have business partners or people you can count on to help run your business. Simply add them as an Admin to your business page and let them begin helping you run your page.

8 min.

Chapter 12: Commenting as Your Facebook Business Page

When replying to comments on your Business Page, you generally want to respond as your business. Or perhaps you want to comment on another business page as your business. Though, sometimes this can be tricky to do, so be sure to watch the video to find out how.

5 min.

Chapter 13: Pinning a Post on Facebook

Keep your most important message at the top of your page so people see it first.

3 min.

Chapter 14: Sharing Business Page URL on Your Facebook Profile

Sharing your Business Page URL on your Facebook Profile is a great way to show off your page to your friends on your Facebook Profile. a


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