Step 1 : Click on "Create an Event"

From your Facebook Business Page, click on the 3 dot icon next to “Share” that says “Create an Event.”  

2 min.

Step 2 : Add Video or Photo, Event Name, Location & Time

In the pop up, add a video or photo that represents your event. Then, add the name of your event. Finally, add the location of the event. Click into the box to enter and edit the start and end time and date. You also have the option to change the time zone.

5 min.

Step 3 : Select Category, Add Description & Add Keywords

Select the most relevant category for your event then add a fun, catchy and informative description. Add keywords that have to do with your event to help people find it. Eg. “Clothing.”

5 min.

Step 4 : Fill Out Options

Under options, you have the ability to add a Cohost if you have someone that is helping you to run this event. They will now be an admin and have the ability to edit. Then, you can choose WHO can post into the event page and whether the guest list is public or not.

5 min.

Step 5 : Publish & Share

When you are finished, click on “Publish.” From here you want to share your event. You can do this from the top right menu and click “Share” to share through messenger directly or as a post for everyone.

4 min.