The Simplest Social Selling System. Period.

Not sure where to start with getting sales on social media or even just setting it up? It’s easy, you’re already taking the first step here. Multibrain gives you 360 tools for learning HOW to use social media for your business, to actually managing it. All the while, you have the Multibrain Network as your coaching and support system. Everything you need to become a Social Selling Pro is right here.

Click. Click. Done. Social Media Simplified.

Our all-in-one marketing dashboard is — hands down — the simplest way to reach new people and build your community on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, all from one platform, in just a few minutes per day.

Become a Social Media Pro with Dozens of Courses

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginniner or have had years of experience in social media. We have all of the courses you need to get your social media set up for success. Leave your intimidation from social media at the door with our step-by-step instructional videos, guides, webinars and tips.

Endless Content Designed to Engage.

Our award-winning library of lifestyle and industry-specific content guarantees that you will always have fresh, compelling posts to spark activity and begin a conversation.

Schedule Weeks of Content in Minutes Flat.

Our insanely-easy-to-use content publisher allows you to schedule engaging social media content at any time… weeks in advance. So you can keep up your end of the social media conversation day in and day out in just a few minutes, no matter how busy you are.

PowerBoost For Even More Prospects.

One click and as little as one dollar are all that’s required to use our PowerBoost feature to precisely target and dramatically expand your audience.

Turn Your Social Feeds into Business Leads.

Every time you log on, our Prospect Center will consolidate and prioritize all the engagement from your social networks. Then we’ll coach you on exactly how to convert those Likes, Shares, and Comments into business leads.


Actionable Analytics

We provide actionable data designed to drive your business forward.

Full Support

Our team of talented Brains is at your service whenever you need it.

How To HQ

A complete instructional resource center at your fingertips.

Consejos rápidos

Comienza a aprender cómo convertirte en un Pro de Ventas Sociales con estos videos y artículos GRATUITOS especialmente seleccionados.

Cursos premium

De la A a la Z, aprende cómo administrar tus redes sociales y, de hecho, conviértete en un profesional de ventas sociales con estos cursos completos.

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